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Wichita Ear Clinic is the preeminent surgical group dedicated to providing the highest quality of compassionate healthcare for all disorders of the ear and related structures.

Our physicians, Thomas C. Kryzer, M.D., and John M. Lasak, M.D., are fellowship-trained otologists, neurotologists and cranial-base surgeons that specialize in hearing, vestibular and balance disorders, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), otologic (ear) infections, facial nerve disorders, acoustic neuromas, and tumors of the ear and cranial base in children and adults. Our physicians also specialize in both pediatric and adult cochlear implantation and bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA). Implant mapping and programming is accomplished on-site at Wichita Ear Clinic. Lindsay Scott, APRN whose emphasis includes the medical treatment of ontological and vestibular disorders, has been a wonderful addition at our clinic and is also seeing new patients.

Our audiologists evaluate various hearing and balance disorders, specialize in hearing aids fitting and ongoing treatment.

We look forward to hearing from you so that WE can help you with all of your HEARING healthcare needs.

We are dedicated to healthy hearing.

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Located in East Wichita just West of the intersection of Webb Road and Central Avenue. Please call for your appointment. Toll free: 800-794-7230 or local: 316-686-6608